The planet Earth is experiencing an epochal event of universal importance which leads mankind to perceive what formerly could not be considered.

We artists of interior light are capable of understanding the new plane of development and the increased sensitivity which the means of elevated spirituality and abstraction in particular have the ability to express.

The internal structure of life is collapsing upon itself.

This event determines a radical renewal which involves the awareness of a new reality.

The action is developed on different levels although they all contribute towards the realisation of the manifesto’s plan by means of the wave that transports the cosmic message.

It is the time when the artist becomes conscious of himself.

The time in which he becomes the master of himself.

The time of self-realisation.

The vibrational plane is amplified more and more, incorporating the spatial and temporal dimensions in a fusion of complementary forces.

The time of SYNCHRONICITY has arrived.

It means producing a unique action in order to be aligned with the project of cosmic life.

The work of the individual becomes a contribution for the growth of collectivity.

SYNCHRONICITY in the reciprocal action is the essential factor.

It permits consciousness to come to terms with the whole of which it forms part, giving its contribution to the unique and only action that is life.

Where time and rhythms belong to the relativity that is included within reciprocity.

It is necessary to implement a quantum jump of quality, coming to form part of a superior order on which the galaxy is based and which offers the adequate stability to cosmic evolution in general.

     One is in the union where the Ego, separateness and duality are dissolved in a process that leads to the absolute.

The preconceived world based on the conquest of the object crumbles and one enters the real world.

In the hour of one’s own Self.

Which is unicity, union.

With his own creative work the artist of interior light develops an absolute awareness of the world by absorption of the manifestation of synthesis.

Synthesis that is neither transcendent nor immanent and therefore does not need a space for showing itself and a time for evolving; while also being this, given that the real manifestation is real, tangible and complete in the immediacy of the now that contains reality.

The ego must do it for itself, becoming the Self.

That Self which contains the universe, every universe, and that is already within.

The life of the universe does not have the same value of human life although the content is the same.

Essence does not have volume, space or time.

It is not linear and not even progressive.

It is immediate, it is present time.


It is eternity that always has everything in itself, being only in the now.

Eternity is essential, it is the totality of whatever time, it is constituted only in the now.

Here and always.

It means rising again to new life, conquering the immortality of one’s own being.

The dimensions of space can really fuse with those of time only when there is the ability of the state that contemplates them.

In SYNCHRONICITY the vibrational wave constantly emanates the new codes of reference which have the ability to reawaken the profound states of being.

This dimensional passage allows access to the fifth dimension, to then go beyond where the duality is dissolved.

It means rising again to a new life, conquering the immortality of one’s being.

SYNCHRONICITY is a state of being in which time and space, the real and the unreal, the empty and the full, good and evil, life and death, being and not being continuously change in its opposite.

SYNCHRONICITY is here and now.

It is the doorless door where the artist works with his heart and who with the same heart animates and works, developing awareness.

When this happens there is the ascension of consciousness as dimensional passage.

An ascension is a birth, it’s an awakening, it’s a resurrection; it means being alive within oneself, it is acknowledging that everything is within oneself and not beyond.

Everything takes place and develops on Earth but on a transformed Earth, a Solar Earth because Light emerges in its energy.

What is comes forth because at a subtle level everything exists already; it exists in deeper strata of being, strata that the cosmic wave has the task-power of reawakening.

In absolute terms now is the time of SYNCHRONICITY, which is present time.

SYNCHRONICITY is a state of essential and eternal imperturbability rooted in the essence of all the phenomena of the universe.

The synchronic artist therefore becomes the actor of the stage of the drama of life and the universe, he manifests himself and exists in a state that leads to the transformation of the universal being.

SYNCHRONICITY means harmony and beauty, revelation of truth and spirituality, archetypes of sacred geometry.

SYNCHRONICITY, immediately now and contemporaneity are universal parameters which set a new plane of development, where everything is art.

Milan 2010


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